Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ye Old Dark Armor Sucks Build

So, you remember this video? Of course you do.

To give you the bad news first, I have no intentions of sharing that build. The tank build in that video is terribly obsolete, since the video was recorded before incarnate powers and even before inherent fitness. That build wouldn't be worth anything to anyone.

Now for the good news. I do plan to share the current build for that tank. Before I get to that, though, I'm going to give you a quick overview of the build's major philosophy and some of the highlights.

The first priority for the build was hitting the soft cap for S/L defense because that's the most common tag for attacks. After that, I wanted to hit the soft cap for E/N, which would cover up the slight weakness Dark Armor has to energy damage, especially considering how common energy damage can be. Finally, I wanted enough KB protection to not worry about anything, which means more than 10 points. Once I got all that, though, I was pretty much out of room for anything else. There are some other bonuses in the build, but they're mostly accidental.

This build also follows my exemplar rules, which means that the build will maintain all of its bonuses until level 37, and as much functionality as possible for the entire level spectrum. The early Combustion is enough to hold aggro and do impressive damage at low levels. Critical powers like Dark Regeneration and Obsidian Shield are not delayed, while Murky Cloud is.

The last topic are the things I don't like about the build. Most notably, the build is not actually endurance sustainable on its best ST attack chain. Using the two AoEs will also burn endurance quickly. That's only an issue when soloing, and Cardiac practically eliminates it, but I don't like relying on incarnate powers. The next biggest issue is the lack of control. I've filled in the gaps with the Earth Epic pool best I can, but my options are still too limited for my taste as a tank. I also hate having as many slotted mule powers as I do here, namely Boxing and Soul Transfer.

Note: This is no longer the build I run on my tank in game. I have posted an update, but I want to be clear that this older version is still viable. The new build makes some minor improvements with a much larger investment.

The Highlights:
45.9% S/L defense
44.6% E/N
16.1% Max HP (2551 total with accolades)
21 HP/sec all the time
70% S/L resistance
2.0 Net endurance recovery per second with everything running
Dark Regeneration up every 14.4 seconds.

The Build:
| Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Hero Designer to view the build |

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