Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Bots/Traps Build

So I'm finally getting around to posting this build like I promised in a few threads.

The build I'm posting today is for my namesake in game, Dechs Kaison, the Bots/Traps mastermind. Before I get to the build I'd like to go over a bit of its history, as I'm in a nostalgic mood.

Aside from my Warshade, no other build of mine has been through so many revisions. This character was my first to hit the level cap, back when SOs were the only enhancements I used. That's before I knew about all the finer details of the game. The first build had the Mu Patron Pool because I did Scirocco's arc, and I had fun shooting lightning at people. By the time they unlocked the other patron pools to everybody, I had learned a bit about attack mechanics and realized that the Scorpion Shield would softcap me to the most common types of damage. It was at that point I started to solo AVs.

The next major step in the journey is when I really dove into IOs. I went back to Mu for a resist based shield while fitting set bonuses to softcap my defense to ranged and area attacks. I found that with a single unique pet IO I could softcap the Assbot and my drones to all positions and types. I built some max HP bonuses where I could. The first giant monster, Scrapyard, fell, but I was never happy with the build. Without the S/L softcap, I wasn't able to drop Trip Mines in melee (which the Scorpion Shield had taught me to love).

Going Rogue hit, and by then I had already defeated Deathsurge, this time with Scorpion Shield. With side switching, I was given a new round of game to hunt and a new set of Epic Pools to choose from. Frozen Shield was the new favorite because it also had Hoarfrost in the set. Let me be the first to tell you, a Mastermind who cap his hitpoints for any length of time is the awesome kind of broken, especially when that Mastermind can also drop a Triage Beacon. Kraken, Babbage, Paladin, Jurassik, Jack, Eochai, and even the Lattice never stood a chance.

Even that wasn't enough for me, though. I have since found the way and, thanks to Villain Merits, the means to achieve this current build. This latest iteration is, barring unforeseen game changes, my last. For the first time ever, I've fit Aid Self, a resistance shield, and a practical softcap to all the important positions or types. I have a damaging area of affect immobilize attack to aid in my tanking. Team Teleport gives me the much needed mobility that is often lacking to masterminds, and extremely useful in the new iTrials.

The Highlights:
44.5% S/L (Mids' does not report the Protector Bot Force Field, which grants 11.1% defense to all positions/types)
44.1% Ranged
43.9% E/N
Melee, AoE, Fire, Cold defenses all above 40%
22.9% Max HP (1147 total with accolades)
14 HP/sec all the time
28 HP/Sec when in range of Triage Beacon
41.7% S/L/E resistance
Build Up proc is in Assbot (which I have seen double stack)
Assbot and Drones have over 45% defense to all positions/types
Enough recharge to double stack Acid Mortar most of the time
Proc-trops add yet another layer of damage and control with the knockdown

The Build:
| Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Hero Designer to view the build |


  1. I may have missed this in the reading, but I was wondering if there was a reason to pick up teleport instead of any of the other travel powers. If there is a reason to pick up teleport, whats the easiest way to use it to travel? Also is there a attack chain order when beginning a fight?

  2. Teleport is simply the best travel power out there in my opinion. It's the ninja travel power, because ninjas don't travel; they're just there. It's incredibly easy to use if you bind it to shift+click like I do. I also have Team Teleport to move my robots around.

    The attack chain order is pretty random, and usually starts with Team Teleport. After that I throw down traps and spam Provoke and Lightning Fences on bosses. If it's a hard fight, I'll drop Seeker Drones in first, set up a Triage Beacon, and then go back to random buttons.

  3. Thanks for all the help.

  4. What about Soul Mastery in place of Mu? I'm not sure if the Mu toggle gives more res, but imo, Oppressive Gloom is amazing. That damage is also divided among the bots (who laugh at it, along with you), and the stun is awesome.