Tuesday, September 20, 2011

EVE Offline

As the title alludes, I have decided against keeping my EVE subscription. I'd like to take a quick moment to explain why.

My decision has nothing to do with the game itself. That's the most important thing I want to get out there, because I'd hate to see someone not try this game because I say it wasn't fun. I continue to be amazed by the absolute breadth and depth of this game. Everything can be found in abundance, especially competition. If you like to play political games, salvage things, harvest things, kill things, find things, hide from things, steal things, destroy things, sell things or buy things, you'll enjoy EVE. None of these activities are simple, either. This game is no "progress quest" by any stretch. Honestly, I could go on for pages talking about what you can do and how you can get it done in EVE.

My decision has nothing to do with the people I've met either. Helpful bunch of folks if ever there was. I've met some rather dastardly and evil people as well, intent solely on the deprivation of fun for other people, but that's not scaring me off either. Those people simply add to the fun and challenge of the game (are almost entirely avoidable if you choose to stay in the right regions).

I wanted to participate in the game's PvP, which generally does not happen solo. To that end, I joined a corporation which I knew a member personally. I soon learned that the corporation belongs to an alliance, and that alliance further belongs to a larger coalition. With that many layers of organization, the only way to get people together is to schedule events (raids, gangs, and the like). The real problem is that I am not in a position where I can reliably log on to the game at scheduled periods of time for fleet operations. Even if I could, I often get pulled away from the computer during game time.

It's been a fun time trying, though at the end of the day, EVE is simply not made for players like me.

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