Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dark Armor Sucks on a Brute

Here I am, a year later, finally putting together another video.

You know, I've actually received a great deal of criticism on that first video. I admit, there were a few problems. First, I set the difficulty to downgrade bosses to lieutenants, though it wasn't because I couldn't survive them. I only did that so I could finish the fight in a somewhat reasonable time. The character was a Tank, after all, not a real damage dealer. Second issue was the jumping between scenes which I mistook for artful. It just made the video choppy and feel like it could have been doctored.

The real reason for this video, however, is the third criticism I received; that my video was only possible because of Tanker mitigation levels. I was told that nothing similar could have been done with a Brute. I've only got one thing to say to that: Clearly, Dark Armor Sucks. On a Brute.

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