Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Tour of Kaison Corporation (Part 2)

Since the first half of my remodel turned out so well, I decided it was worth doing again. Problem is, when I went to hire the same guy for the next half, he was busy doing something less lucrative than working for me.  So I paid someone else another billion to finish the place off.

That said, he's finished and I have a few more pictures to show off. First thing I did was have him build a garage for the new ambulance. Hey, not everyone schedules their life threatening accidents, so I have to be prepared.

The thing even came fully loaded.

The first big room I had the new designer do for me was the Kaison Rehabilitation Center. There's a lot of cases where the patient needs some time to recover from surgery or medications, so this is where I provide that opportunity. You'll see that the rooms are quite spacious and lavish, if I do say so myself. I also had a small cafeteria built.


Upstairs from all that is the weight room and a little bit of space to stretch out those super muscles after recovery.

I had the third level of this room remodeled just for the Grand Opening event. I'm sure I've got something to keep you entertained, and the bar is stocked with all the finest.

I know many of you supers are living off the graces of our wonderful society and are afraid the benefits of Kaison Corporation are beyond your reach. I'd like to let you know that we will do whatever it takes to make treatment affordable for you.  What started as a small finance group has grown into the Kaison Bank. We now cover all your banking needs, from checking and savings to loans, even including investments and financial counseling.

Running my whole operation used to be a chore, but now I've got a control center capable of the task.

Everything else you've seen was pretty nice, but my favorite part is my new office. Get a load of the fish tank and custom flooring.

I could go on all day long, but there's plenty of things the pictures just can't show. I encourage you to come take a look for yourself, and find out what Kaison Corp. has for you.

See you at the Grand Opening.


  1. I just had to compliment your building. I'm floored by the detail you put into it and you should be heavily commended. :) Well done! Signed, @Soundtrack :)

  2. I thank you for the compliment, but as I alluded to in the post, the building work was not actually done by myself. I will pass your compliments along to the real designers.

  3. The work I did for this base is some of my favorite stuff among all the dozens and dozens of bases I worked on over the last six and a half years. The Research Center was intended as my homage to Jack Kirby, with all the massive structures with flashing circular monitor screens and such.

    Seeing pictures again just put a big smile on my face. Looking back, I thank you again for letting me have the privilege of doing some of the design work for you there, Dechs. It was a good time.