Sunday, March 11, 2012

MFing Warshade - Duct Tape Tactics

Within the period of about a week, three seemingly unrelated events occurred that, when compounded, would spur me to create a new video.

The first piece of the trifecta was a fellow game forum goer posting a music video about his Warshade in action. The video was very well done in terms of choreography. The performance of the character was also quite impressive. There was some discussion around it and someone voiced that it would be nice to see some other people making videos about their Warshades. I wanted to fire up Fraps that day, but I didn't want to make just another Warshade video. I needed something unique.

Later in that week, I jumped on a "for the hell of it" Sister Psyche task force with my Warshade, but it certainly wasn't going quite as planned. I kept trying to run off and solo groups of enemies, particularly ones on the way to hostages or guarding sonic devices. I was getting my ass handed to me! These even con Freaks were giving me more trouble than the Imperial Defense Force in the incarnate trials ever had. By the end of the TF I was doing fine, though, so I just chalked it up to being rusty.

Finally, over the weekend, I started watching the TV show Burn Notice. I have to say, this is one hilarious show. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend this show. It's all kinds of serious business and awesome action. Michael Westen, the main character, gets ousted from the CIA and thrown to the winds, trying to get by however he can while also figuring out who burned him in the first place. It's the narration that really makes the show funny, though. These monologues that get you inside his head are just timed so well. So, how the hell could this tie into City of Heroes?

I remember one of those monologues above all, while Westen is trying to scare off a drug dealer from his apartment. "Fighting with guns makes you stupid. Better to fight your wars with duct tape. Duct tape makes you smart." The point was that by relying on a powerful tool, you throw your wits away. When a situation really gets out of hand, when your tool is no longer enough to win on its own, you forget how to make the most of everything else. By fighting with duct tape, you force yourself to fight intelligently. That's when the idea came to me.

Fighting with Eclipse makes you stupid. This is my Warshade, fighting with Duct Tape.


  1. Dechs, I'm not going to lie, you're making me want to make a Warshade Video Guide. You're at fault for this!

    Great video. I learned from it too :)

    (One word to explain my double posting: Grammar)