Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Claws/Dark Brute Build

So, in keeping with my tradition of posting the build long after the video, here is the build from my recent Dark Armor Sucks on a Brute video.

The priorities for this build diverge greatly from that of my Dark/Fire tank build. With the tank, I focused on attaining the softcap at all costs. If this build focused on one thing, it would have to be "potential." I put enough defense in to be within a small purple inspiration of the soft cap to S/L/E/N defense. I only gave the build 4 points of KB protection, but have Acrobatics for those edge cases. I found a place for the slow resist IO. I have about half of Hasten in recharge bonus in addition to Hasten. After that is a ton of extra hit points to increase the amount Dark Regeneration can heal as well as ample regeneration to delay the need to use it.

This build of course follows my personal exemplar rules, which means that the build will maintain all of its bonuses until level 37, and as much functionality as possible for the entire level spectrum. Spin is brutal at any level, especially so at level 1. Critical powers like Dark Regeneration and Obsidian Shield are never delayed, while Murky Cloud waits for the first few attacks to fill out.

My last paragraph is usually reserved for the things I don't like about the build, but this time around, I'm not sure I have any. The build is incredibly well rounded. It's not soft capped, so that might be a downfall, but I have never needed the soft cap and not had the small purple to help out. If you've seen this video, you know that I rarely need the soft cap. There is also an abundance of control, thanks to Claws. Focus can keep almost any boss flopping forever (it also has a hold proc), and Shockwave has saved my bacon more than a few times. It also does a ton of AoE damage, thanks to being able to rotate through three very strong AoE attacks. Shockwave also serves to push enemies into tighter bunches for Spin to do its thing. I don't even have wasted slots on mule powers.

One last thing to add: The build is pretty cheap as high end builds go, but you should see the alternate slotting options for Focus and Shockwave that would include purple sets. The one for Focus will add huge proc damage while the Shockwave set will give me just a bit more recharge.

The Highlights:
32.7% S/L defense
33.3% E/N
21.4% Max HP (2119 total with accolades)
21 HP/sec all the time
51.9% S/L resistance
2.42 Net endurance recovery per second with common toggles
2.24 Net endurance recovery with Acrobatics added
Dark Regeneration up every 10.7 seconds

| Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Hero Designer to view the build |

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