Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The MFing Build

I have finally decided to release the details of the build my MFing Warshade is currently running. I know many of you will want to skip past this wall of text and go straight for the Mids' export, but if nothing else, I beg you to read the next paragraph. It contains an important disclaimer.

This build is not actually recommended. Most people would consider this a terrible build. Most people build a lot of defense. Most people will see capped resistance and a powerful heal and think "Oh, wow, adding defense would multiply the survivability of this character into the extreme." Most people enjoy the extra benefits of defense, such as rarely being affected by mez attacks. Most people will be willing to sacrifice some non-trivial things to attain this ridiculous survivability. Most people are not content with relying on a self revival power that recharges every ninety seconds.

I am not most people.

I have tested quite a few Warshade builds, and looked at a great deal more. I am often impressed by the amount of defense that can be reasonably crammed into a Warshade with minimal sacrifices made to other aspects of the character. I have seen these Warshades in action, and they are nothing short of awesome. In the end, though, I decided that I was not willing to sacrifice any single aspect of my MFing Warshade's utility. That's not to say my build is without sacrifice.

All those perks I mentioned about having defense? My build has none of those. Warshades cap resistance at a "metric tonne," but it is not always enough. If I want to survive the hard stuff, I have to leverage all those tools I gave myself. I have nothing to prevent myself from being mezzed, nothing except my own tools. Mine is a very active play style; it is not for most people.

Having all that out of the way, let me talk about the few good points of the build.

Recharge: Hasten is permanent before the Incarnate boost is taken into account. When I do count the Spiritual Alpha, Sunless Mire becomes permanent, of all things. Hasten stacks for twelve seconds; yes, I've checked my recharge bonus. I get seventeen seconds of Eclipse overlap. Three pets are active damn near all the time, and I'm a hair from the fourth. Defeats any more than 81 seconds apart don't even slow me down. Between the purple enhancements, the level 25 Luck of the Gamblers, and hasten, I have Eclipse permanent for any level I exemplar to and still have the power.

Damage: An important focus, and helped by the recharge, the damage this build can throw out is pretty obscene. Nova has hit the max for damage dealing potential and Dwarf is even capable of dealing in excess of one hundred damage per second against a single target. Gravity Well, despite being slotted primarily as a hold, is above 90% enhancement for damage. If I chose to stay in human form for any reason, I maintain a respectable attack chain.

Utility: This is the real highlight of the build, I have a tool for every job. Power order means that I have the most important powers for a maximum range of exemplaring. I have the option of using Inky Aspect and Gravitic Emanation in tandem to stun bosses instantly and permanently. The human form has two attack chains. One results in the highest single target DPS I can dish out, the other is full of hold procs for additional control. I can stealth missions with Sprint and Shadow Cloak as low as level nine, and even make my teammates invisible too. I can even turn tides with Vengeance, most likely after I pick my own ass off the ground.

Survivability: While this is the weakest aspect of the build, survivability still wasn't ignored. I put some effort into gaining more hit points and regeneration, which sees a pretty large effect when the high resistance are considered. I also threw in the Steadfast +3% defense IO, which does next to nothing on its own, but sometimes it is "the last five percent" that matters. When it comes down to it, though, the utility and recharge make up the largest portions of this build's survivability (it's not easy to be killed when you're always at 85% resistance to everything that's stunned anyway). I'm also perfectly content with using the Stygian Return every 81 seconds.

That's everything I have to say about the build. If you read all that, thank you. Here's the build.

Remember, you've been warned.

Updated 17 March 2012 - Now with ATIO set. Be sure to download the new MIDS update.

| Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Hero Designer to view the build |


  1. I wish I had the kind of money needed to pimp out my WS like this....sigh

  2. Thats pimped out? Heh.

  3. Dechs, I have tried to copy and paste your build into MIDS multiple times with the same result - errors. Any chance you would post a long text version on here as well ... ?

    Have read your posts over and over and am now ready to pimp out my lvl 50 WS to follow your lead :)

    1. No problems here, can you check your MIDS version to make sure you're running the most current?