Friday, January 28, 2011

The Journey of a New Warshade

I've been told that my MFing Warshade guide is enough inspiration to start playing a warshade. Just in case it's not enough, I have something else for you. I pulled this from a very old thread about my warshade, when I had just started playing him. Enjoy.

Originally posted 10/13/2009

I started playing CoX shortly after launch and took a few breaks. I've tried every "normal" AT at least once, but only recently decided to try a warshade. I just hit level 38, and let me tell you, this has been the absolute most interesting journey a character has ever been for me. I can't say I've ever had this much fun for this much of the progression of a character. One of the biggest reasons is that every new power seemed to revolutionize the way I play.

The closest thing I can compare this to is how a controller gets a pet at level 32. At that point, everything changes. You're able to do things you never could before. But this happens with a warshade for almost every new power! Beyond that even, there were so many times where I thought "If I only had a few more slots!"

Before even creating the character, though, I was sure to read Plasma's and the other Kheldian guides. I made up my mind early on about becoming a "dancing" warshade.

Now, just about everyone does a sewer run. I, however, did two. One got me to level 6 for nova. Then I joined a second team, exemplar'd down to level 2 and ran through the sewers again, but this time AS a nova. I heard several comments about how that was the quickest sewer run any of them had been on.

Level twelve came and I first learned the two-step. This was my first real taste of the "warshade dance." I was already dropping out of nova to occasionally fire hasten, but now I had purpose!

I tried to team as much as I could to make the most out of the inherent, especially now since it is active in the forms. Things were going alright, but somewhere in there I messed some things up, so I used one of my vetspecs. Lo and behold! I could slot up the nova form without "throwing away" any slots!

So now I had superspeed, nebulous form, and recall friend... It's time to run a Positron TF. I had developed a simple strategy by the end of the TF: run into the tightly packed group completely invisible to saturate a mire before going nova. We ghosted what we were able to, and had a great time. So much fun, in fact, that I organized a second one, but this time I brought some new toys with me.

Gravity Well, amazing little drug used to treat quantumstomach and voidaches. Side effects include loss of fear. Not only that, I had finished the "dance" by adding dwarf form to my repertoire. Have I mentioned how much I love the new exemplar settings? I'm running Positron with dwarf form! Granted, nothing is slotted well, but the mire is accurate. That simple strategy from before now had so many more options. Go Dwarf, teleport into the middle and soak the alpha, dwarf mire, drop for sunless mire, gravity well the boss who was now on the last leg of his life, go nova and maybe get one AoE off with both mires still active if i was quick enough. Or I could sunless mire first, go dwarf and scrap it out with good damage. Better yet, I could sunless mire, dwarf mire, and go nova with time to fire three blasts with double mire goodness. What's more, when sunless was still recharging, I could do a dwarf mire for two quick AoEs from nova. I had never seen so many big orange numbers at such a low level in my life.

Ahhhhh, Stygian Circle. I never imagined how often this would be ready out of the box. Use it after every battle to race ahead of the silly normal ATs who are still sucking wind. I used to occasionally stop firing to recoup endurance, but not anymore! Not necessarily strategy altering, but I loved what it did for my abilities.

What's this new toy? Gravatic Emanation? So, you're telling me I can stun the whole group and bunch them into a corner for mires? I actually started to solo a bit at this point. Great opener, love the knockback, adore the stun. At this point, I felt I had everything I wanted. Except of course, more slots. I knew there were some other cool powers to come, but ... meh. I got what I need. Gimmie more slots!

Nevermind what I just said. Having a fluffy ball of doom following me around all the time... That's awesome. Wait, I add some recharge and now there's often two of them? Rock on.

Self rez? I almost never use these, but strangely, this one had a different effect on me. I wanted the chance to use it, but more than that, it was a challenge to me. Do everything right, just like always, but race the team. Get there first. Take more on. More aggro. Meaner aggro. Find out what kills you. Then get back up and make them regret it!

Last night on a KHTF (the first one I'd ever done), just before the last mission, I hit level 38. I had heard so much about Eclipse. I didn't think I needed it, but I was still excited. We zoned into that last mission.

"Hey, you guys wait here, I want to try something."
"Famous last words..."
"S'ok, I got a self rez."

You all know what happened. Invis my way into the middle of an 8 man spawn of red caps and fire off an un-enhanced Eclipse. Mire, nova... destroy. Wow. I love my warshade.

So what's the point of this thread anyway? I guess I don't know. Maybe someone on the fence will read this and try a warshade. Maybe someone will be inspired. Maybe someone will think I'm an idiot for wasting all this time. Either way, I really enjoyed this character and wanted to share my experience. I hope it was at least an entertaining read.

Have any of you ever felt like this about your warshade?


  1. I was an idiot when I first made my Warshade. I DID NOT TAKE ECLIPSE. I hadn't even gone onto the forums yet, so I thought it was just an endurance power. Then, I heard your MFing Warshade Guide talked about in a channel. I read it, and started over from scratch. New Warshade. Reading this, it's exactly how it felt. Especially that first blast of Eclipse...heaven on earth. I implore anyone who hasn't, MAKE A WARSHADE. You most certainly will not regret it.

  2. Count me in as one of the people who was inspired by your guide to roll his very own MFing-in-training. Question: What do you think about taking Burnout, instead of, say, Orbiting Death? For that matter, I'm curious-- would the old pool powers becoming available earlier affect the way you would roll a WS now?