Thursday, March 22, 2012


Over time, my imaginings of the character Dechs Kaison have changed pretty drastically. Because of this, I've redone the initial WSPDR notes. This is a much more current view of Dechs as he is in game.

January, two thousand eleven, Catherine Ives recording...

As a blooming new company here in the Etoile Islands, Kaison Corporation has received loads of press time lately, and with good reason. It's the first of its kind, a hospital and medical research facility specializing in the meta-human population. Despite the attention the company is getting, the man behind it has remained all but anonymous. Dechs Kaison, we know his name but damn little else. Since he's turned down numerous chances to interview, it's fallen to the undercover girls like me to get the scoop. I'm not sure whether he's camera shy or hiding a few skeletons in his closet, but this could be the story to make my career.

I'm getting started with a bit of research. There is no evidence of Dechs ever being a resident of the Isles, so I went digging through the immigration offices. The most they would tell tell me is that he immigrated to the Isles mid-2010 with no mention of where he came from. Something already smells fishy, because the date they gave me is only a month before his company launched. No one sets up a fully operational hospital in a month. I've checked for dual citizenship or emigration from pretty much everyone in the EU and North America, and nobody has heard of this guy.

I've found no evidence to suggest that he is any sort of superhuman, but it was still worth looking into. Most normal humans don't take such a high interest in the superhuman population and I don't want any surprises. Searching for his name on the Destined Ones list turned up nothing, but just in case, I thought to poke through Longbow and even Vanguard records. Neither group had anything to say about Dechs, but Vanguard has quite the transaction history with Kaison Corp. When I inquired further, the answer was a stern "Vanguard values its relationship with Kaison Corporation and its mutual discretion."

So far, I look to be safe, but I certainly don't have much to go on. I'm going to have to tail him for a while before I have a sure angle to approach with.


After two weeks of observing, I can be sure that Dechs keeps to no sort of routine. He shows up at the hospital between seven and ten if he decides to go that day, then leaves anywhere between lunch and late afternoon the next day. When and where he eats is fairly random, but he keeps to the dives when he goes out. His home is actually on the top floor of his private club, "The LAB." The club doesn't even have regular hours; he has hosted parties there in the past and I've only seen it rented out once while I've been watching.

If there is one consistency about Dechs besides his work, it's his gambling habit. He does spend a lot of time at the casinos in St. Martial. Most of the time he plays Hold 'Em at the high roller tables, but I have seen him play as low as the thousand dollar buy in tables.

Looks like the casino will be my best way in. Get his tongue loose on a few drinks and I'll have enough material in no time. I'll need to learn how to play poker, though, because I'm not going the server route. I will not hike my skirt that high for anybody.

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